What’s in your Closet?

What do countless power cords, hundreds of various sizes of Ethernet cables, 10 and 10/100M switches, vintage wireless access points and routers, bricks of all shapes and sizes, 1 and 2 mega pixel cameras, 3.5 and 5.25 floppy drives, a few CD players, a few keyboards, an external burner, printers from an era gone-by, Dongles, and an assortment of computers that belong in a museum have in common? They all are hiding in my closet!

What’s worse is my inability to throw any of it away; even things that are broken. Why throw out a perfectly good 3.5 inch drive? Someday I may need to recover a file on one of the hundreds of disks that are scattered throughout my home. Someday I’ll turn all my P3/P4 computers into a giant Hadoop cluster that will power various ideas I have in my head. I’m still searching for my old Commodore 64 and trusty tape drive.

Thankfully, the rate of growth of my stockpiles have slowed down With the rise of open source software and specifically virtualization, I can do more with less physical hardware. Of course, I’m always on the hunt for a deal; Craigslist, Ebay, friends, etc. After-all, it may be time to look at the new Intel i7 chips and perhaps an Intel based Apple.

What’s in your closet?