Quick Alert: CA Hits a Homerun and Acquires Nimsoft

After a string of questionable acquisitions, CA hits a homerun by acquiring Nimsoft for a cool $350 million.  Nimsoft is a pioneer of “Unified Management” and an emerging competitor to the Big 4 monitoring companies.  Nimsoft gives CA a double-shot-in-the-arm of much needed excitement, product differentiation, and thought leadership.

What does Nimsoft bring to CA?

  • Approximately 800 Enterprise and Managed Service Provider Customers
  • An innovative Unified Monitoring approach spanning Cloud Computing, SAAS, Data Center, Application, Database, and Virtualization Management
  • Unified Reporting including Customer Dashboards
  • Next generation Event Correlation and Analysis
  • Strong Upward Growth
  • Easy to Use, Powerful, and Elegant Software Solutions
  • Unified Monitoring APIs and 3rd Party Extensions to quickly add existing CA solutions
  • Talent, Leadership, Execution, and more

It is great to hear that Nimsoft will not be folded into CA but instead will be run as a separate business unit.  However, instantly CA feels a bit more hip, in-touch, and ready to step-up to the challenges their customers face.  Suddenly the chuckles of “they bought who” at IBM, HP, and BMC gave way to “holey s***, CA just bought Nimsoft!”

If CA can keep Nimsoft’s talent, rationalize their product portfolio, and integrate some key CA assets into a single integrated solution suite, then they will be a force to reckon with.  Additionally, by no means do I think the M&A activity is over for CA or any of the Big 4.

Congrats to Nimsoft for collecting a cool $350 million and building a strong, innovative, and growing business.  Congrats to CA for recognizing all of the above and adding a gem to their cloud computing management portfolio.


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