Top Ten Things the “real” press writes or reports about that make me cringe

  1. Cloud Computing
    I’m waiting for either MythBusters or Penn & Teller: BS to do an episode on Cloud Computing.  It’s not that I don’t believe in Cloud Computing or that I am not working towards making it a reality, but the fact is Cloud Computing is in its infancy and has a long way to go.  Unifying servers, storage, networking, security, management, and applications is not going to happen overnight.  I’ll shout from the mountain tops when the big boy application vendors are on-board and management is not an afterthought.
  2. Google
    Perhaps my days at Inktomi have jaded me, but “Google” is not worthy of sainthood.  If only Google made laptops, monitors, TVs, coffee makers, chairs, windows, doors, cars, laundry machines, and more, my life would be better.  After-all, anything Google does is better than you.  When will we read about their true motives; gathering as much information about you so that they can make as much money as they can from you via the advertisers.
  3. iPhone Killers
    How many iPhone vs. X stories will I have to review this year?   The iPhone has three things going for it:  Apple, AT&T, and iTunes.  Apple is on a roll that mirrors what Microsoft did in the 80s, AT&T’s network (GSM is global), although maligned, is the only network that has a chance to handle the iPhone’s incredible amounts of data traffic, and iTunes is an incredible marketplace of movies, TV shows, podcasts, applications, and more.  Perhaps “It’s the Applications Stupid” but Apple is definitely winning this battle; VHS vs. Beta anyone (experienced) or Blue Ray vs. HD DVD (still seasoning)?
  4. Microsoft
    It seems that impartiality is thrown out the window when you write about Microsoft.  Perhaps more polarizing than any politician, either you love ‘em or hate ‘em; Why?  Is it that Gates made too much money or Ballmer sweats too much or Ray is nuts or who do they think they are earning top margins on their software or is it something else?   Maybe Microsoft should take a lesson from Apple and rename their development efforts and code lines into cutesy animals like Zebra, Panda, and Kuala Bear; who can hate a Kuala Bear?  Like it or not, if the US is going to be a technology leader in the next century, Microsoft is going to be a big part of it.
  5. Top Companies to Watch Lists
    Does anyone bother to check these lists for accuracy?  Does anyone ever talk to the employees?  Free food equals the best place to work?  I remember a time when getting on the Red Herring list was the kiss of death.  Oh, the marketers love these lists and share them with the world, but do they really mean anything?  Of course, I’ve known a few people that will fire off their resumes to these companies, just in case.  I’ll admit that I read them too, but it’s more like reading celebrity gossip; mindless entertainment and/or here today gone tomorrow.

Hey, that’s only 5; stay tuned…


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  1. Ah, I see now. This post answered my question from another about why you’re so angry about Google. I suppose that’s a natural reaction to (I’m assuming) being put out of a job by your company’s competition.

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