Riddle Me This: Cloud Sprawl

Riddle me this: Imagine taking a dollar bill and cutting it up into four pieces. Each piece is placed inside different containers that are identical. Carry the 4 containers together in a bag and their total value remains $1. Now, take a second dollar bill and cut it into four pieces making sure they are the same dimensions as the first one and put it into 4 identical containers to the first batch. Place the 4 new containers in the same back and shake. All eight containers have a value of $2. Next, each into the bag and throw out one of the containers. The value of all 7 containers is now only $1 yet you have 3 extra containers. Finally, throw out the 3 remaining pieces from the original dollar bill that is missing a piece inside the bag.

Extra credit: Multiply the above riddle by 1000 and repeat.

Extra Extra Credit: Do the above with a mix of $1s, $5s, $10s, $20s, and $100s.

This is Cloud Sprawl and today this is an impossible task. Cloud Sprawl includes remnants from virtual machines, data, users, storage blocks, acls, firewall rules, vpns, passwords, and more.

What’s the answer to Cloud Sprawl? A new management paradigm. A move away from the after-thought that is server, storage, security, and network management. A move away from wrap-and-roll buying decisions. A move away from the hype that is today while building a real plan to get there tomorrow.