Android in the Enterprise: Forget About It

Google has announced their intentions to add “enterprise features” into Android OS beginning with the ability to synchronize with Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar. Are you kidding me?

First, Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar are not enterprise-class applications. As an enterprise user of all three applications, I find them slow and light-years behind Microsoft Exchange/Office and even Open-Xchagne/OpenOffice.

Second, can you trust Android OS in the enterprise? If Google’s entire business model is based on advertising and data mining, what security risks does Android OS pose? RIM has spend years building up corporate trust and security controls that have proven themselves within the enterprise. With all Apple’s success, they have struggled to make deep inroads against RIM. Google will face the same challenges and more.

Borrowing the words of Donnie Brasco, Google….”Forget about it.”