Google gets the Hype; Oracle and IBM get the Business

Google announced a new on-line database called Fusion Tables using technology they acquired from Transformic.  Transformic pioneered the use of data-spaces; a technology that has been around since the early 1990s.  Unfortunately, this technology was “useless” until the great brains at Google got their hands on it and now it’s going to shake up the entire database market.

It obvious to some writers and analysts, that Google has better talent than Oracle and IBM combined.  After-all, they now have data-spaces and Fusion.  Does Oracle or IBM have this? Wait, Oracle has Fusion; are we looking at a lawsuit? What about Teradata or Aster Data or Greenplum, or Postgress, or MySQL, or Netezza, or EnterpriseDB, do they have it?  If Google has it you can bet it’s better than everyone else’s.

Why is it that Google can do no wrong?  Search, Adds, Maps, Email, IM, Calendar, Web Sites, Phones,  Free Lunches, Video, Blogs, Free Dinners, Databases, Home Power Management, and, let’s all keep our fingers crossed, Netbooks.  Google should just buy Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle outright and put them out of their misery.

Let’s get the facts straight.  Oracle and IBM are dynamic companies that rule the database market.  In fact, Oracle and IBM have diversified products and services that are helping them through this tough economy.  Additionally, they have advanced R&D, patents, deep pockets, and access to the world’s largest and most powerful enterprises.  Finally, they are keenly aware of cloud computing and what that means to their businesses; i.e. databases.

Google has Advertisements.  While Ads are a great thing, hopefully one day people will rise up and say enough.  Enough profiling, enough storing information, enough analysis, enough of collecting personal data, enough, enough, enough.   Perhaps Google should look to improve their core businesses because the competition is heating up for Search and Ads.

Google get’s the hype; Oracle and IBM get the business.