Sun: Are you nuts?

Major media news source are reporting that IBM’s purchase of Sun has cooled-off as Sun has rejected IBM’s $7 Billion purchase price. Many are comparing Sun’s decision to that of Yahoo’s to rebuff Microsoft’s purchase of the company. However, Yahoo is still the number one destination on the Internet while Sun is losing market and mind share.

Perhaps the leadership at Sun needs to look at a calendar and realize that the year is not 1990. Sun is not high flying, SPARC is not dominant, SOLARIS has lost steam, StorageTek didn’t pan out, the jury is still out on MySQL, Java is great but where’s the revenue, and their current open source push into virtualization is admirable but risky.

It pains me to watch a once great company with talented and dedicated employees continue on a march to extinction. I am a fan of Sun as I earned my Unix stripes on SOLARIS and SPARC systems. I am avid supporter of VirtualBox, OpenOffice, and Java. Additionally, I have been following Sun’s efforts to redefine the datacenter and cloud computing.

While all of these efforts are exciting and some are technically superior to the competition, Sun has lost the ability to move markets and create new paradigms. Let’s face it, to the dedicated individuals at Sun $7 billion is insulting. However, joining forces with IBM is better than continued layoffs, broken promises, and missed opportunities.