Tired of the Cloud: The Media

Actual Headlines:

Virtualization is revolutionizing the datacenter
Cisco plans big push into server market
Cloud computing vendors to watch
And so begins the next mainframe saga
Tech giants tussle: HP vs. IBM
Google and the wisdom of clouds

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of over-hyped articles written by individuals that know as much about technology as I know about bio-chemistry.  They throw around terms like cloud computing, datacenter 3.0, Web 2.0, Enterprise Service Bus, commoditized hardware, and virtualization without ever explaining a single concept.  It seems like all you need to do is write in some acronyms like SAAS, PAAS, IAAS, and more and you have a winner.

These are the same people who question every move Microsoft makes, cheer on Apple, love Facebook, and think that Google really means to “do no evil.”  They believe that Cisco is going to destroy HP and IBM with a single product announcement while Oracle and SAP are in deep trouble.  Their opinions are only as good as their last conversation and they change with the proverbial wind.

Cloud Computing or whatever it will be called next has a chance to make an impact on IT.  However, it will be years of hard work and continued R&D, to develop new technologies and strategies to make cloud computing a reality.  While the challenges are real, no great change is easy.  Remember, cloud computing is as much about technology is as it is about people.

P.S. The mainframe is not dead!


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  1. seems like users use the word “cloud” more often than the people who actually engineer these systems, probably because it sounds “cool”

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