Watch Out: Here comes Oracle!

Oracle continues to reshape themselves for the next ten to twenty years as they quietly purchase mValent.  Love ’em or Hate ’em, you have to respect the aggressiveness and vision of the Oracle Team.   While other software companies are content with the status quo, Oracle pushes the envelope and only time will tell if/how everything will fit together.

mValent offers Oracle both an internal and external path.  Internally, mValent allows Oracle to build their customers an extensive application centric CMDB, control application change management with version control and anomaly detection, better release management, and extensive auditing and reporting.  Externally, Oracle can extend these capabilities beyond their own infrastructure to become a player within the datacenter management market ala Cloud Computing.

Why?  If the future of applications lies in the cloud, then Oracle will be there.  Check out the Oracle Cloud Computing Center for information on Oracle’s Real Applications Center (RAC), Automatic Storage Management (ASM), and Storage Grid.  Oracle has already dipped their toe into the pool by partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS). mValent could be the next service to add to this growing list.

Better watch out, Oracle has entered the market.