What’s your exit strategy?

As an early stage start-up with incredible growth potential, what is your exit strategy?  Is it an IPO (NYSE, FTSE, and NASDAQ), Private Equity, M&A, or another liquidity event?  What is the ownership breakdown between the VC, Executives, and Employees of the company?  Are you seeking a 10 or 20x multiple for the company?  Has the Board of Directors had other successful IPOs or buy-outs ?  Why…How…If…and on and on and on…

STOP! STOP! STOP! For Goodness Sakes STOP!!

Does anyone want to build a company anymore?  Or is everyone consumed with exit strategies consisting of how much money will I make?  What is wrong with dreaming of building the next Oracle, Microsoft, GE, HP, IBM, and more?  All of these companies started off as a dream and today are the stalwarts of American business. 

To build a successful company you need to have an innovative or disruptive idea, a big bad competitor, and maniacal execution at all levels.  The company must be marching in cadence with an unparalleled dedication to teamwork and all-eyes on a common goal.  Technology alone does not guarantee success, but people and culture will make all the difference.

What’s my exit strategy?  Building a company for the long haul, building an organization that executes, rewards, and promotes employee balance, building a company that innovates, disrupts, and breaks all the rules, building a company that encourages ideas, debate, and action, Building a Company! 

What’s your exit strategy?