Three Cheers: Juniper, Microsoft, Brocade

Juniper:  Juniper says good-bye to outgoing CEO Scott Kriens and hello to new CEO Kevin Johnson.  While Mr. Kriens has done a great job in getting Juniper to a $3 Billion company in 12 years, he has yet to “crack the code” on beating Cisco on their home turf; enterprise customers.  Juniper needs new leadership to push their vision, innovation, and to speed the development of new products.  Perhaps it’s time for Juniper to stop chasing Moby Dick! 

Microsoft:  Microsoft shows true vision by purchasing DATAllegro and advancing massively parallel processing (MPP).  Microsoft’s purchase should be a warning to established MPP vendors such as Teradata while newcomers such as Aster Data may have awoken the sleeping giant.  Finally, Microsoft’s decision may push Oracle into MPP as a follower not a leader.  Perhaps it’s time for Microsoft to get some credit for “non-Google” thoughts!

Brocade:  Brocade’s $3 Billion purchase of Foundry Networks is both gutsy and a gamble.  Brocade’s dominance in storage networking combined with Foundry’s IP centric product line could spell trouble for Cisco.  Additionally, Foundry may have finally found shelter and breathing room from Juniper but will Bobby Johnson (Foundry CEO) finally give up control and allow Foundry to follow new leadership and go in a new direction?  This purchase signals the opening salvo in the battle for the next generation datacenter with plenty more to come.  Perhaps it’s time for Brocade to stand-up to the King!